5 Reasons Your Business Listings Must Be Updated ASAP

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December 14, 2018
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December 14, 2018

5 Reasons Your Business Listings Must Be Updated ASAP

As a business, how likely is it that potential customers will come through your door? The entire purpose of an internet presence is to attract customers to your shop or your showroom so that you can convert them into paying customers instead of simply browsers on the internet. Nothing is more frustrating as a client than finding out you have been given the wrong information about where a company is situated. 73% of consumers said that they lose confidence in a brand once the online profile shows incorrect info.

1. Missing Working Hours Can Harm Your Business

There are many things which people search for in listings, if they’re looking at that search engine on a PC or on a mobile device. The most important information that people search for today is the hours of operation, because their search is probably for a business that they do not visit quite often. In new studies hours of operation were pointed as the most helpful feature in choosing a company during search. 76% of respondents stated that they anticipate this information when searching and 61% consider it is a feature which permits them to select a business. Even if individuals are new to a business, it does not give people a fantastic impression if the business hours are not listed and they do not know that it is only accessible from 11 a.m-6p. m. Tuesday-Saturday. Imagine that potential customer who is prepared to spend their money in store but shows up on Monday at 7 p.m. simply to find it is closed. That client is most likely going to do another search on a mobile phone to detect a different shop and spend their money there.

2. You Can’t Enter Your NAP Data Without An Address

While most people would assume that the number one reason people do a search online is for the address or location of a business, the address is actually behind hours of operation as the second most important information. But, of course, the whole point of being in business is to make money doing what you love or selling what you love. And that happens by attracting foot traffic and expanding customer base. It bears repeating that if a business address is incorrect on business listings sites such as Google or Bing, then customers will not be crossing the threshold. A simple thing such as the wrong number on a street address, or even the wrong town, can mean that a customer cannot find you.

3. Local Searchers Are True Mobile Devices

Mobile-phone-based searches lead to in-store buys with more than 75% of searches ending in purchase – if a company has their business listing details accurate. If half of those people looking for a business listing on a search engine, like Google Local/Maps, cannot locate the shop’s business listing information, then the company will lose 100% of their business. If you simplify the information for new clients, a few of those details will need to be as easily available and in a mobile-friendly way. This can be achieved using a responsive website which supports mobile and tablet-responsive versions.

4. Accurate Websites Are Important For First Impression

While mobile searches are becoming more of a norm in where a client searches, a business shouldn’t dismiss the power of a fulsome, consistent and precise business listing that is reflective of the company site. Any listing must to be connected to the company’s site and feature the same information. While a site should be sufficient to entice a client to visit or purchase, if these inconsistencies exist, then trust problems may emerge in a company’s practices before a customer crosses their threshold.

5. Local Searchers From Different Devices

In 2015, smartphone possession in America was at 68%, using tablet computers and computer possession at 45%. Nearly half of American adults use their smartphones to look for local information on the internet, the other half being split between computers (40%) and tablets (11 %) like the types of devices used, that which we’re looking for changes from the time of day and apparatus. Entertainment is hunted for through work hours on restaurants, computers throughout day using telephones and health/fitness evening using tablets. The most significant part of these mobile searches is precision. If someone cannot locate a brand-new business in a search or find inaccurate results, then the business has lost the opportunity for to turn him into a client. Thus, having those business listings correct in all of the device formats is crucial since we, and our technologies, continue to evolve into how we interact with. Many PR/marketing services out there are focused on bringing people to the business’ front door by utilizing business listing indexes and various other possibilities that can leave an impression to the customers. PRBrics is one of the recommended services to go to if your business needs local leads generation and brand awareness practices, as well as business listing information and induction. PRBrics can get your business submitted to over 70 world leading indexes, including Yahoo Business, Yellow pages, Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook and more. PRBrics have a special offer for Christmas, you can test your Business Listing status for free and if the result is less than 85% you could get a free PR Distribution. More information about this unique promotion, you could find details here: https://prbrics.com/test-your-business-listing/ .

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