1How do I order the service?
If you want to order the services of PRBrics, you need to:
  • Fill your company details
  • Choose the level and submit payment
  • Fill the “Business Campaign” brief form
  • In 48 hours, we will process your details and launch the campaign
  • Please note that the whole campaign takes from 3-4 weeks to go through all the stages.
    2What does the service include?
    If you choose the services of PRBrics, you will receive the following benefits:
  • Your news/promotions will be published on hundreds of news websites.
  • PRBrics will reach out to online influencers, exposing your services/products
  • Your business will be submitted to over 70 world leading indexes, includingYahoo Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow pages, Facebook, and many more.
  • You will receive access to our unique social media monitoring tools, through which you can see how the audience is responding to your product, brand or service.
  • Your services/products will be promoted on relevant online groups and discussions.
  • You will receive notifications whenever a customer leaves a review on one of your business listings.
  • 3How much time does it take for one package to be delivered?
    Delivery time for one package is 3-4 weeks.
    4What is the difference between a single purchase and subscription?
    In marketing, repeating a message is a key factor for a successful business campaign. By subscribing to our service, rather than getting a single month purchase, the chances of creating a stronger impact are much higher. In addition, by subscribing to our service in the long term, you will receive a discounted price.
    5What happens if I stop my subscription?
    By subscribing to PRBrics’ services, you will be charged the same amount of money for the entire duration of your subscription. PRBrics cannot guarantee that if you unsubscribe, the next time the pricing will be identical.
    6I already have my business listing on some of the indexes. Will it be duplicated or not?
    No, it won’t be. In case your business already exists on some of the indexes, we will make sure that it is updated and hooked to our monitoring services, so that you will be able to receive notifications if someone leaves a message or a review.
    7What kind of dashboards do I have access to?
    You will have access to a dashboard where you will be able to see the progress of your campaign and links to your monitoring LIVE reports.
    8Who will be conducting the communication with the journalists and influencers?
    We will not be your official representatives unless you specifically request otherwise. Once we do the reach-out, any questions will be redirected to you.