4 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools To Boost Your Business

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December 14, 2018
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December 14, 2018

4 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools To Boost Your Business

How do you know if your customers (and potential customers) are talking about you on social media? If they tagged your social media profile in their posts, you could check your notifications. If they didn’t, maybe you could search on each social media platform every time you want to find out. Do you think that it is annoying? Here’s a better way:

Use social media monitoring tools

There is a lot of wonderful social media tools on the market. Between them are tools built specifically to help you select relevant discussions on social media. A number of these tools allows you to track multiple social media profiles on different social platforms from one place. There are some that can help you track social media trends and keywords. There is probably one that suits your needs. Let’s take a look at 4 of them!

What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring the process of observing social media conversations that are relevant to your brand. Businesses involve in social media monitoring for many reasons, for example to connect with their clients, to provide customer service, to quantify their social media reach, or to grasp social media tendencies. To “listen”, businesses use social media monitoring tools to gather social mentions and monitor keywords, hashtags, and URLs they are interested in.

4 social media monitoring tools for Small Businesses

All the social media monitoring tools listed below are not arranged in any particular order. They are all great in their own ways and will suit different social media monitoring needs.

1. Buffer Reply

Buffer Reply organizes your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram engagement into one team inbox. You will have all the information you need to know about each customer to provide personalized responses. You can easily add emojis and GIFs.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s monitoring tool is part of a package of social media management tools. If you were to subscribe to one of their plans, you can use other features such as scheduling and analytics. You can set up unlimited streams of social media content based on your mentions, selected keywords, hashtags, or locations.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s monitoring and engagement tools are part of its social media management software. Sprout Social has two separate features for social monitoring and engagement. In the Inbox, you’ll receive all your social media mentions and messages. You can search for a specific keyword on Twitter or Instagram.

4. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is also an all-in-one social media management tool, which comes with scheduling, monitoring, engagement, and analytics features. The Inbox collects all your social media mentions while its listening feature allows you to search for keywords, URL. It allows you to monitor comments on your Facebook and Instagram ads. In addition to the above-mentioned social media monitoring tools, there are services which offer keyword monitoring and social media management as part of their marketing packages. A recently-launched service, named PRBrics, specializes in local leads generation and brand awareness and one of the services it offers is social media detect and engage service, which can send messages and engage users in conversations, redirecting them to your page. You can register for PRBrics advanced social media monitoring tool here: https://prbrics.com/pricing/

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