How We Do It


Goulash PR

A lot of businesses these days fail not because of a product/service flaws but because what they can offer doesn’t reach the potential customers. The best way to do that is by first connecting to influential opinion leaders, including journalists, bloggers and media representatives.
Through GoulashPres our highly advanced media tool, we have a legal access and ability to send e-mails to a global database of over 1.5 million journalists, influencers, bloggers and media representatives, specializing in every field and/or territory possible.



Businesses that don’t acknowledge the immense power of social media are doomed to fail. Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can play a key role in communicating the benefits of your brand/product/service to the general audience. By subscribing to PRBrics’ services, you will get access to the dashboard of GoulashPro – our sophisticated social media management tool that allows you to simultaneously manage, schedule and monitor over 70 social media networks.



Our advanced social media management and monitoring service will provide a real-time detailed report of what is being said about your company/brand/product on more than 70 channels, including every mention that happened over time. You can also analyse what your competitors are doing, through our competitive monitoring tools.

With Goulash, you can effortlessly get all the information you need to understand your position in any social media platform. Our service provides different types of analytics, based on your activity and the relevant keywords you’ve been monitoring. Goulash can also show you the most popular and highly-engaged post and social media platform over a period of time.